South Norwood Treasure Hunt

The South Norwood Treasure Hunt

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 Take a walk around South Norwood, solving the clues as you go.

You will learn fascinating facts about the history of the area, discover sites of interest, and have a chance to explore the varied, exciting shops, cafes and pubs of South Norwood.


Please allow approximately 90 minutes to complete the treasure hunt.

What will you need on the treasure hunt?

  • The treasure hunt pack which you can download from the People for Portland Road website. This will cost you £5 which goes towards the work that People for Portland Road does for the South Norwood Community
  • A pen
  • Comfortable shoes

How does the treasure hunt work?

There are 22 clues to solve on the treasure hunt.

Write the answer to each clue on the last page of the downloadable pack.

There is a dash for each letter of the correct answer, though one letter in each answer will be in a box.

Once you have solved all the clues, each letter that is in the box forms part of a five-word anagram (and there is a number in brackets to tell you what word the letter is in)

For example:

If the clue was “what is the name of the train station which serves South Norwood?”, your answer would be ‘Norwood Junction’.

You would have a space on the answer sheet that looks like this:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 🔲_ _ _ _ _ _ _   (3)

This would mean that the letter ‘J’ would be in the third word of the anagram.

Submitting your answer and entering the prize draw

Once you think you’ve cracked the anagram, email your answer to to be entered into the quarterly prize draw!

Prizes include vouchers which can be redeemed at local South Norwood businesses and include – a voucher for 2 free tickets for Screen25.

The first quarterly draw will take place on 1st July 2019.

To receive your treasure hunt entry form just pay your £5 here –

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Your copy of South Norwood Treasure Hunt will be emailed to you, this may not be instantaneous so please be patient.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you forward your receipt (which you would have been emailed when you paid for the treasure hunt) as part of your answer.