We believe that there is real potential for the regeneration of Portland Road and the surrounding area and that by working together towards our core aims we can achieve improvements for the benefit of the whole community. For more information about our core aims see our mission statement. We want as many local residents and local businesses as possible to take up membership so that we can best represent the area.

Membership entitles you to vote at all public meetings and to receive all our newsletters.

Residents membership

Subscriptions are currently £5 a year per household or for low-waged or unwaged £2. 
You can sign up online and pay your subscription using PayPal or debit/credit card. Select the appropriate donation button below and follow the instructions.

  • Resident’s Membership – £5.00

  • Low Waged/Unwaged Residents Membership – £2.00

Business Membership

  • Business Membership is just £25 p.a.
  • Any local business can apply for membership. Your application is subject to approval by the Committee, but don’t let that put you off!