Greening Portland Road

More Trees for Portand Road – Update

Last week the tree pits were created in Portland Road, into which the new trees will be planted. We have sufficient funds to plant 15 new trees, although only 12 of them actually need tree pits. The other three will be planted directly into the ground at the end of the leisure centre entrance (very near to Tesco). We are expecting the new trees to be planted in the next few weeks and definitely before the end of March.

A New Hedgerow for Portland Road Community Garden

On Saturday morning nine volunteers planted 100 new hedging trees in Portland Road Community Garden. These were planted alongside some Beeches that were planted a couple of weeks ago. The hedging is made up of native species – Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Dogwood, Hazel and Dog Rose. The hedging is part of TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) ‘I Dig Trees project’ – they hope to have planted 3 million new trees at the end of this planting season.

We’ll be adding some woodland plants amongst the hedging and creating a couple of bug houses too, from recycled wood. 

The new hedge is situated at the back of the leisure centre car park, against the green wire fence. We hope that it’ll attract more wildlife as it grows and matures.