Portland Road Community Garden – Let’s Play

People have been asking “What is that structure outside the Leisure Centre?” Our answer is “Anything you want it to be!” Perhaps you’d like it to be a house or a fort? Perhaps you’d just like to dance on it or sit in it? Perhaps you can use your imagination and decide what you want it to be today!


Our gardening group had the idea of building an ‘Adventure Play’ area. We already knew that the existing stage was enjoyed by children and so we thought we would add to the theme and provide another structure for their enjoyment and imaginary play.

It started life as a drawing on paper and was finished this month. Today we began to put some plants around it to soften the edges and add more greenery to the garden. A mum with her daughter told us how popular the structure is saying “We can’t get the children away from it in the afternoons.” Today we talked to another mum who was showing her daughter how to make a daisy chain and we stood for a long time watching Blue Tits and Great Tits feeding their young. One of the reasons why we created this garden is to help wildlife and we seem to have been rewarded!