Steering group officers

PPR has a Steering Group of about ten officers, elected annually. Here are the main officers for 2017/18.

PPR CHAIR: Paul Scott

Like many people in the local area I come from somewhere else – I was born and grew up in Norwich. I moved to South Norwood in 1990 from Brighton where I trained to become an architect. I am now a director of a large London practice where I mainly design ‘social infrastructure’ including schools, hospitals in Africa, and even the new London Bridge Station which is gradually taking shape.

Since 2002 I have been proud to be elected to represent the local community on Croydon Council, lobbying hard to help improve the local area. I was one of the founding members of People for Portland Road and have been its Chair right from the beginning. It is my role to help coordinate the organisation and work with the steering group and members to develop projects and ideas for how PPR can make a difference. I then help to deliver them. I really enjoy seeing the work we do make the area look and feel better, and bring the community together. It is also a great way to meet new people and make friends.




PPR SECRETARY: Christina Peskett

I’ve lived in South Norwood for over 40 years so have seen many changes.
I’ve been Secretary for PPR for over 10 years and I also share the Treasurer role with Heather Hardie. My role involves organising meetings, keeping records and dealing with all financial transactions. I’m also very involved with the Community Garden at Enmore Road. I love this project and have greatly enjoyed seeing it take shape.
One of the nicest things is to have a chat with local people as they pass the garden and stop to look. South Norwood has a good feel about it at the moment, and we feel very optimistic, as if there are good things coming just around the corner. PPR has helped to create a community spirit by networking, bringing people and organisations together.



I relocated to SE25 in the late 2015, having lived in several places and countries before and received a wonderful welcome from the community here. I believe neighbourhoods and community are vital in promoting human-ness, a trait fast disappearing from our developing society.

I trained as an organisational psychologist and developed business operational expertise along the way. I am also a mother, passionate about healthy eating, community development and supporting young people to learn and create a better society for the future.

Shuba Rao



I moved to South Norwood in 2016, and am still finding my way around SE25. I joined the PPR gardening group after meeting some of the officers at a Stanley Hall day, and was struck by the good things that PPR are doing for the area.

As communications officer, I’m responsible for the PPR website and newsletters.

OTHER STEERING GROUP MEMBERS: Mark Baggoley, Audrey Bobb, Eva Cammarata, Juanita Isaacs, Alina Khama-Nyane