The New Portland Road Trees – Coming Next Week!

The new trees for Portland Road will be planted on Friday 10th March. We are so excited to share this wonderful news with you! Field Maples will be planted in the twelve tree pits and three Amelanchiers will be planted directly into the ground near to the leisure centre entrance.

As a way of celebration, we’d love some of you to come to Portland Road so that we can watch a tree being planted together. At 10am on 10th March, one of the Field Maples will be planted outside South Norwood Glazing at 181 Portland Road. We hope to see some of you there! Thank you once again to every single one of you who contributed to make this happen. The project is a partnership between People for Portland Road, Trees for Streets and Croydon Council. See you on Friday 10th March.

Artist’s impression – Imagine how much more attractive this part of Portland Road will look lined with trees!